20+ String Lights Ideas to Make a Kid's Room Dreamy

20+ String Lights Ideas to Make a Kid's Room Dreamy

Kid Room Ideas - String lights are number one idea to create a welcoming and cozy ambience in any space, they are available in many shapes, colors and looks, with cold and warm light, and are very budget-friendly plus safe unlike candles. What can be better for decorating a kid's space? Literally nothing! Today we are sharing the coolest examples to incorporate string lights into kids' rooms, let's have a look at them.

Sleeping Space

The coolest idea is to add string lights to the sleeping zone: they make the sleeping nook cozier, welcoming and can be used instead of night lights. Hang the string lights over the bed, or on the wall next to the bed, and add some photos to make it more personalized. If there's a canopy, incorporate string lights into it, this will make the bed dreamy. You can create various signs, installations, artworks using string lights - it's up to you and your kid. You can also go for an interesting chalkboard art wall, let your kid chalk something and then add lights to it. You can also try various string lights – star-shaped, vintage, globe and cat-shaped ones to match the room decor. Get creative!

Reading/Playing Space

Another great idea is to enlighten the reading/ playing space with string lights, it will inspire your kids to space time there and maybe to read. If there's teepee, add lights to it, if no - just hang them over the nook. String lights will make the space welcoming and will add light, which is necessary for reading. You can also make some fun pieces like stars and half moons of string lights - there are a lot of DIYs, so you'll easily make them.

Other Ideas

Some other ideas may include highlighting different spaces of the room: storage, wardrobes, toy shelves, bookshelves and sitting or play zones, the idea is easy: just hang the lights in this space, try various shapes and looks of the string lights, for example star-shaped ones, they are loved by many kids. Get inspired by the ideas below and make your kid's room more welcoming.

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