20+ Ways To Style A Beach Or Coastal Entryway

20+ Ways To Style A Beach Or Coastal Entryway

Beach Entryway Ideas - Do you have a beach or coastal house? Then you are probably designing all the interiors to match the theme, and smaller spaces like bathrooms or entryways are also important to make the look of the house complete.

Designing an entryway in beach or coastal style isn't difficult at all: choose furniture you like and need and go for beach-styled decor. If your entryway is rather large, go for a bench, ottomans, shelves and a console table. If it's small, choose only essentials, this is usually a bench and some storage items. Now let's have a look how to style consoles and benches for creating a beach ambience right upon entry.

Beach Entryway Consoles

How to style a console table for a beach, coastal or nautical entryway? First of all, choose a piece that fits your space: a vintage console table can fit a vintage, refined or shabby chic space, a rustic wooden console table is ideal for a coastal or rustic entryway, and acrylic pieces fit modern or minimalist space. If the entryway is veyr small, go for a wall-mounted console table. Hang some beach and sea-inspired artworks over the console, you may create a whole gallery wall, which is a trendy decor feature. Add shells, starfish, corals in any displays that you like - cloches, bowls, dishes, plates, lanterns, bottles and just place them on the console. Hang a driftwood clad mirror and add driftwood artworks, and voila!

Beach Entryway Benches

A bench is a must even for the smallest entryway, and again - choose what fits your space perfectly. A wooden bench is an ideal piece, why not go for a driftwood one? A vintage bench with storage drawers is great for vintage spaces, if your space is tiny, try a built-in bench. Add printed pillows, hang a sea-inspired artwork over the bench, place some baskets for storage under the piece. Hang or place some anchors on the wall and around the bench, oars and rope. Enjoy!


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a vintage bench with drawers, embroidered pillows, a lantern and an arrangement of rope and driftwood anchors on the wall-
a reclaimed wood bench with trestle legs, chambray pillows, a sea-inspired artwork over the bench-
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a wooden console with oars, shells, driftwood, rope, artworks and a basket for storage-
a beachy entryway with an oversized sea-inspired artwork, a wooden bench, a wooden bowl, books and a hat-
a built-in bench with storage, watercolor artworks over the bench, printed pillows for a simple look-
a wooden rustic console, artworks, shells in a bowl, a sea horse of driftwood and lanterns-
a simple beachy entryway with a wooden bench, a basket, a sea artwork and striped pillows-
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