21+ Cool String Lights Ideas for Entryways

21+ Cool String Lights Ideas for Entryways

- String lights are amazing! They bring additional light anywhere, they can be used for any item and space, they fit many decor styles and come in various shapes and colors to try. Plus, they are very budget-friendly, who needs a lamp when you can hang some string lights and create a cozy and inviting ambience at once? Today we are discussing how to use them in entryways.

Entryways are usually small, and additional light is what makes small spaces look bigger, so string lights are exactly what you need. You may hang the lights anywhere you want and cover anything with them, and your entryway will be more inviting and welcoming for the visitors. Now let's have a look at some ways to use string lights in the entryway.


Most of entryways have mirrors, and covering it with string lights is a great way to highlight. The mirror will reflect the light filling the entryway with it, and girls will get a nice space to check their makeup and hair any time they need. whether the mirror is a wall or a floor one, it will look nice with string lights!

Walls And Doors

You can attach the string lights right to the walls - cover the whole wall, and you won't need additional lamps. Or just hang them in the corner to enlighten the space better, or attach the lights to wainscoting if any. Attach the string lights over the door to highlight it, and the windows too if any - this is a cute idea to make the space more light-filled.


Ladders are popular for entryway decor: you can use them for hanging coats, scarves, umbrellas, accessories and so on. Sometimes ladders are used as displays, for example, of hats or kids' art, and highlighting them is very easy - just cover the ladder with string lights.

Other Ideas

Take a large glass jar and fill it with string lights to create a bold light - you won't need more! Put lights on your console table, hang them on hooks, let them hang from the ceiling as rain falling and your entryway will become welcoming and dreamy!

  25 Photos
Entryway String Lights
a ladder with kids' artworks covered with string lights to highlight it as much as possible-
cover the door and archways with string lights to make it shine, here they are combined with faux fir garlands for the holidays-
a string of lights hanging on the wall will substitute a lamp-
string lights on the wall and ceiling plus a candle lantern for making the space welcoming and enlightened-
an oversized jar filled with string lights acts as a floor lamp and can be mad ein a minute-
a wall mirror covered with string lights is a great way to accent it and add some light-
the entry door covered with string lights to add light to the space and highlight the door-
warm string lights cover the door and make the entryway more inviting and cute-
cover the mirror with string lights to accent it and make the space more amazing-
a ladder covered with string lights can be used for hanging scarves and bags-
a string of lights accents the narrow wall mirror and adds light to the small space-
an oversized floor mirror with string lights makes the space cooler and inviting-
hang some string lights in the corner to enlighten the space better and make it inviting-
a large jar with lights inside is a cute way to add light and make the space look more light-filled-
string lights hung on a hook in the corner bring enough light to a small entry-
ball-shaped string lights on a vintage wooden console table for a more modern feel-
a large mirror placed right on the wall and covered with string lights to highlight it-
string lights on the wall will make the entryway more welcoming-
cover the ladder with string lights to make the space cute and use it for storage-
a whole wall with string lights hanging makes the entryway magical and cute-
star-shaped string lights hanging from the ceiling and covering the bike for a dream ambience-
lots of string lights hanging from the ceiling with pinecones, garlands and buntings for holiday decor-
hang some creative lights on the antlers that you use as a coat and scarf hanger-
string lights placed on the wainscoting make the entryway cozier-
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