24+ Bold Color Block Kitchen Decor Ideas

24+ Bold Color Block Kitchen Decor Ideas

Color Block Kitchen - Color blocking is a trendy and edgy idea and a very eye-catchy way to add color to any space. We've already seen some color block ideas in bedrooms and now we'll take a look at using this decor solution in kitchens.

The most popular idea to do that is to rock color blocking cabinets or to create a color block effect between the cabinets and the walls. Yo u may also color block the walls, add a bold fridge for color blocking or hang some color block curtains or shades. Take a look at the examples below!


Create a color blocking effect using cabinets of various bold colors, for example, black and orange, yellow and blue, green and pink, purple and red and so on. You may go for upper and lower cabinets in bold contrasting colors or just paint a cabinet one by one in absolutely contrasting shades. You may also go for a contrasting kitchen island that stands out a lot, don't be afraid of bold colors.


You may also create e a color block effect with contrasting walls and cabinets - it's a simple and very cool idea. Paint the walls in one color and the cabinets in a contrasting one and voila! You may also add a contrasting touch with archways, doors and even color block several colors at once.You may paint various parts of the kitchen in various colors or highlight the zones: a cooking, an eating one with a different color of the walls.

Other Ideas

Some other ideas may be color block kitchen backsplashes: divide the backsplash into sections and make each in a contrasting bold shade with paint, tiles, wood, metal or even all different materials. Add a contrasting fridge to your cabinets to stand out or hang color block curtains or shades, which is the easiest idea ever.

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Color Block Kitchens
Color Block Kitchen
Color Block Kitchen Cabinets
Color Block Kitchen Curtains
Color Block Kitchen Towel
a color block kitchen with yellow, teal and terracotta accents, patterned tiles and white cabinets-
a chic contemporary kitchen in navy and sunny yellow with sleekdesign and white touches-
color blocked kitchen walls in pastel pink and orange plus wooden furniture for an inviting eat-in space-
a minimalist kitchen in black and orange, with a glass backsplash and cool pendant lamps in black-
a navy kitchen with yellow compartments is color block piece itself and is a bold statement-
a minimalist color block kitchen with coral, aqua and blue accents and white tiles with black grout-
a color block effect is achieved in this grey kitchen with a bright pink kitchen island with a white countertop-
a super bold contemporary kitchen in bright pink and lavender for a colorful look-
a pastel kitchen with purple, lavender, yellow and blue cabinets for a color block effect-
dark green cabinets plus a pink backsplash create bold color blocking, a green table and navy chairs add even more color-
retro-inspired color blocking with a bold pink and orange wall for an accent and all neutrals around-
a contemporary color block kitchen in pink and black with a sleek and stylish look and a wooden dining set-
jazz up even the tiniest kitchen with bright cabinets, each of a different color and shade-
a black kitchen is spruced up with a bold idea, a color block kitchen backsplash-
purple cabinets plus beige walls create a bold contrast and eye-catchiness in the space-
a dark green kitchen is spruced up with a bright yellow fridge for a color block effect-
color blocking can be easily incorporated with drawers or compartment doors in various bold colors-
a plywood and a muted blue sleek cabinet on the wall and an emerald sink countertop for a color block effect-
a contemporary kitchen with only lower cabinets in bold pink and a black wall for a juxtaposition-
a grey kitchen with a large pink cabinet for a color block effect is a bold and trendy idea-
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