24+ Cool Boho Nursery Decor Ideas

24+ Cool Boho Nursery Decor Ideas

Boho Nursery Decor - Boho chic style is the most popular one for decorating homes today: it's relaxed, welcoming and catchy, it features a lot of details and catchy elements. Boho style is incorporated everywhere: in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and if you have children - it's high time to integrate it there, too. A boho nursery is a beautiful and soothing oasis with lots of interesting detailing, which will catch the eye of your kid. Besides, boho style is about warm neutrals or bright gypsy colors and patterns, which makes it perfect for a gender-neutral space. Need some ideas to pull off this style in the nursery? Let's take a look at some ideas!

Colors And Textures

With boho style you can go two different ways: warm neutrals from white to natural shades of wood or bright and gypsy but the latter idea is seldom used as a kids' space should be soothing and comforting. You may also try a black and white color scheme or spruce your neutrals up using pastels.

Bring much texture to the space going for faux fur, stone, wallpaper, bricks, leather and suede to make your nursery cooler. Boho style also supposes using much wood, rattan and wicker, so don't skip these materials.

Furniture And Decor

Opt for modern, rustic, vintage or minimal furniture, it's usually made of wood and rattan, and the upholstery is neutral. Hang some chic artworks, macrame, put jute and boho rugs, place some Moroccan-style blankets and pillows and don't forget potted greenery - it will enliven the space. As for lamps, they can be made of wicker or wooden beads to match the space.

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