24+ Cool Ways to Rock Pink In Your Kitchen

24+ Cool Ways to Rock Pink In Your Kitchen

Pink Kitchenaid Mixer - Pink is a gorgeous color, it has a lot of shades from the rightest to the most tender ones and can be used in literally any space - not only in girlish rooms. Pink is often incorporated into bedroom, closet, bathroom decor but we don't see it often in the kitchens. If you want to make your kitchen stand out and add an unexpected touch, add pink. How to do that with style to avoid a tasteless look? Here are some chic ideas.

Pink Walls

A statement wall in pink is a great idea for any space, and painting it isn't hard at all. Texture will make the room more interesting, so consider also having a pink plaster, wainscot or brick wall. You may highlight your eating zone or any other space of your kitchen with it. If you feel like adding more color, go for all the walls done in pink. As for shades, blush and other pastel tones of pink will make your space subtle and delicate, and bold pink will glam it all up.

Pink Backsplashes

A backsplash is a must for every kitchen and is a stylish and simple way to add a pink touch to your space. This way you won't get too much color in the kitchen but will add a subtle detail without much fuss. The backsplash can be painted, tiled, brick, wainscot or any other, if these are tiles, think of having patterned one to add more interest to the decor.

Pink Furniture

Pink furniture is one more idea for rocking this color in the kitchen. Think of rocking the two-tone kitchen trend - mix pink with something else: black, white, emerald, grey or any other color you like, this way you'll get a super trendy space. If you don't want too much pink, add just one or two pink cabinets for a bold accent or rock very light-colored pink cabinets. Pink chairs and stools will infuse the space with color and mark the dining space. Look for more stylish ideas below!

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