24+ Edgy and Catchy Black Kitchen Backsplashes Interior Design

24+ Edgy and Catchy Black Kitchen Backsplashes Interior Design

Black Kitchen Backsplash Ideas - Black is a timeless color that never goes out of style, and it can add a refined feel to the space and help create a moody ambience or a contrast. A black kitchen backsplash is a cool idea - it will complete your dark space or create a bold accent in a neutral or pastel space. Wanna see some ideas to rock this classic color on your backsplash? Here they are!

Black Tile Backsplashes

Tiles are the most popular ones for cladding a kitchen backsplash as they are easy to clean and add texture to the space, and there are lots of black tiles you can go for. These can be long and narrow tiles clad in a herringbone pattern, trendy hexagon tiles of various sizes, edgy black subway tiles, matte honeycomb ones, glazed square tiles and others. You can highlight your backsplash with contrasting grout - grey or white, or continue the style with matching grout.

Other Black Backsplashes

If tiles aren't your thing, you can go for paint or chalkboard paint, for example, the second option means that you can chalk anything you want or your kids may use the backsplash for their art. Paiting a backsplash is a very low cost idea, which can be realized and renovated (if needed) very fast, and this is essential for many home owners. Black stone and marble backsplashes can add a refined and chic feel to the kitchen, while being costly they are very durable, so they will last really long. Black shiplap and wood backsplashes also add texture and interest to the space being much more budget-friendly than stone or marble, plus they are easier to install. Sleek black glass backsplashes are a perfect fit for a minimalist space, and they will add a shiny touch to it. There are many black backsplash ideas, just choose what fits your kitchen more!

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