24+ Trendy Brick Wall Ideas For Entryways

24+ Trendy Brick Wall Ideas For Entryways

Brick Wall Hallway - Entryway decor is very important because it's that space that creates the first impression and speaks about your home. Done right, and it exudes warmth, comfort, and effortless style; it welcomes friends and family and offers repose. Besides, an entryway should be functional to store your coats, shoes and umbrellas. Organize and decorate your entryway so that it united all of these factors: practicality, style and a welcoming touch.

There's a cool way to make a trendy statement and to get a functional wall cover, it's an exposed brick wall. Brick walls have become a huge trend in decor, and they look natural everywhere but especially in the kitchens and entryways. Even if your home isn't industrial, incorporating brick walls into decor is a great and stylish idea, whatever way to incorporate bricks you choose: real walls, brick panels or wallpaper.

Red Brick In Entryways

Traditional brick in the reddish shades is right what you need to make your entryway stylish and unique. It perfectly fits almost any decor style and look: industrial, modern, rustic, minimalist, Scandinavian, masculine and mid-century modern. To make the exposed bricks eco-friendly and healthy, use a proper sealant for the wall. One more idea not to care about health issues and not to apply a lot of efforts is to use brick panels or wallpapers that imitate it.

White And Neutral Brick In Entryways

Whitewashed and neutral brick is great for lots of styles, from minimalist to refined vintage. Its main advantage is that light colors make any space look bigger, and entryways are often small. So making a neutral-colored or whitewashed brick wall will keep the entryway neutral, it will look bigger and it's a great backdrop for hanging artworks of any kind. Don't have beautiful exposed bricks? Take brick panels or reusable wallpapers that can be moved and used again if needed.

Other Colors

You may also try various colors of brick that fit your color scheme: blue, navy, black, brown and so on. If you hesitate, you can first try attaching brick panels or wallpapers that may be removed. Dark brick walls can be also decorated with various artworks, items and stuff. What's great about brick walls is that they can hold hooks and holders without any problems, so dare to get some bricks!

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Brick Wall Entryway
Brick Wall Hallway
Brick Wall Hallway Ideas
Exposed Brick Wall Hallway
Brick Wall in Hallway
minimalist entryway defined with a red brick panels on the wall-
small decluttered entryway with an exposed brick wall, lights and a tall mirror-
minimalist entryway spruced up with neutral brick wall panels-
black brick wall with a wooden organizer and holder-
simple small entryway is given style with a brick veneer wall that can be installed without much fuss-
white brick peel and stick wallpaper will let you add style without many efforts-
modern white brick walls for a texture without sacrificing the overall sleek look-
beautiful rustic entry with steel-frame doors, a round reclaimed wood mirror, a white brick wall-
large entryway with an exposed brick wall that features bike holders-
light grey wall made with wallpaper for a modern entryway-
laconic bachelor entryway with a white brick wall-
blue grey wall made with wall panels-
raised roof with the large skylight, arched brick doorways for a refined entryway-
dark walls and white brick create a contrast in this modern entryway-
use red brick panels to spruce up your entryway without much fuss-
minimalist entryway with a red brick wall made with panels-
eclectic mudroom with white brick walls and bold furniture-
girlish entryway with whitewashed bricks for a shabby chic touch-
narrow entryway with a brick wall that adds texture-
neutral brick walls and red brick floors for a rustic entryway-
large brick pillar gives a stylish look to both the entryway and the kitchen next to it-
modern entryway with a traditional brick wall and a low cabinet that can be used as a bench-
black brick wall made up with wall panels decorated with wooden pieces-
a vintage-inspired entryway decrated with brick plywood panels to give it a style-
be on-trend with a brick wall that will give a textural look and a bit of style to your entryway-
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