30+ Ideas to Decorate and Organize a Teen Boy Bedroom

30+ Ideas to Decorate and Organize a Teen Boy Bedroom

Teen Boy Room - Your sons have grown up a little, and they aren't kids anymore. It's high time to redecorate his or their room for teen needs and preferences. Teen boy rooms should have several comfortably organized areas: a sleeping one, a study one, a hangout if possible and of course, the storage should be organized at its best, with all the possible creative solutions. First of all, define the style of the room: industrial, vintage, modern or any other that your teen boy likes and then start decorating.

Sleeping Area Decor

The sleeping area is the most important in your son's room, so decorate it carefully. Create the style that he likes and include his passions and hobbies into the bedroom and sleeping zone decor. For example, if he loves sport, hang artwork, photos and maybe his medals or prizes around the room, decorate the headboard wall with sport tees or balls. If your sons wants an industrial space, add faux brick walls and decor pipes. A lit inside nightstand will be a hot modern alternative to a usual one.

Incorporating A Study Space

Studying is important in your sons' life, so organize it well and with comfort. A desk is the main thing here, place it by the window to maximize the light, or next to the bed if the room is small. There's a another great solution for tiny rooms: this is a wall-mounted desk or a shelving unit with a desk top below. This space should also continue the style of the whole room, so if it's industrial, choose a metal desk, if it's modern, go for a long and sleek wall-mounted desk top, make a chalkboard wall to make notes and add details that reflect your boy's hobbies - sports, music, comics and so on to make this space more inspiring.

Organizing Shoes And Clothes Storage

Boys, especially teens, are always untidy and leave their things where they want but you can help your son organize his things in the best way possible. If there's enough space, make a cool closet with sliding doors and organize there everything with comfort: drawers, cubbies, hangers and so on. A makeshift closet is a hot trend right now, and you can use it, especially if there's no space for a large closet. And just add a couple of , it'll help your son to keep the room tidier.

Hangout Spaces For Teen Boys

Socializing is an indispensable part of your son's life, so let him invite his friends home and spend time in a cool hangout space that your organized for them. It can be just an attic movie nook, or a music-fan corner, or just a couple of bean bags and a coffee table to serve drinks, or a large gaming zone and a home cinema, everything depends on the amount of space you dispose. If there's no space for a hangout zone in his room, renovate your basement or garage and make your boy happy!

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