30+ Trendy Brick Walls Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

30+ Trendy Brick Walls Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

Kids Room With Brick Walls - Many of us think that trendy exposed brick walls aren't for kids' rooms or nurseries because they are too harsh and rough and can't match peaceful nursery decor. Nevertheless, more and more architects and designers use this trendy feature in kids' rooms and it looks hot! Textural beauty and a visual contrast is perfect for any decor style, from shabby chic to industrial, and for a wide range of decor themes, which are so popular in kids' spaces.

If you are worried about health issues, clean the bricks and use a proper sealant, so a brick won't be a problem. Another cool idea is brick wallpaper that looks similar but is absolutely no fuss and eco-friendly.

If your kids have a small room, and you think that a brick wall will make it look smaller, you are mistaken. Brick walls look natural and perfectly blend with various hues and materials used in decor.

Think that brick walls are only for the boys? No, such walls will look amazing both for girls' and boys' spaces, and for gender neutral nurseries, too. Everything depends on the look of the wall, its color and the effect you want to produce.

Choose Style And Decor Theme For The Room

Before making a brick wall or walls, choose a theme or style you want and stick to it. Brick walls can be absolutely different, and your decor style will define the look of these walls. For example, rustic or industrial rooms look good with a simple, exposed surface with a matte sealant. Whitewashed brick is a great idea for shabby chic, vintage and Scandinavian kids' rooms. Don't be afraid to paint the brick with various colors, it looks edgy and modern, and a colorful nursery will look great with it.

Brick Alternatives

Don't have beautiful exposed brick walls? No problem! Faux brick covers and brick wallpapers look wonderful and very similar to real brick, they don't require maintaining and are easy to install. Brick veneer is a cost-effective and lovely option that allows you to enjoy the magic of brick walls and their textural beauty without having to brood over the lack of original brick walls. Besides, if you think of health issues, these options are the best idea.

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