36+ Cute And Sweet Shabby Chic Hallway Decor Ideas

36+ Cute And Sweet Shabby Chic Hallway Decor Ideas

Cool Home Decor Ideas - Shabby chic decor became popular several years ago, and now it's only getting more and more popular because it has special charm and chic, and it's budget-friendly at the same time - you can restore and renovate some of your grandma's things or flea market finds and use them. Today I'd like to share some sweet shabby chic hallways, which are to enchant you with their simplicity. Pastels and white are great for shabby chic style, and serenity and rose quartz are the colors of the year, so don't hesitate to use them. Add cute accessories and decorations, pillows, worn textiles and lace, and of course floral pieces - wallpaper, textiles or souvenirs. Get inspired!

Colors And Styles

Shabby chic is seldom used as the only style, we usually add touches of other styles, too. These are usually farmhouse, rustic, vintage as they will add more charm and coziness to the space. As for colors, you may go for neutrals and pastels, which are traditional for shabby chic and spruce the space up with natural woods and fresh greenery in pots and planters. Vary the decor with shabby chic inspired patterns like stripes, florals and polka dots, all done in neutrals and pastels.


Some benches, clothes hangers and holders are a must for entryways. You may also place a cute console table, hang some mirror in an ornate frame, go for shelves here and there and maybe for a wardrobe. The furniture choices are totally up to you, keep the furniture shabby chic, vintage and farmhouse to achieve a desired level of cuteness and sweetness that are great for entryway decor. The main part of furniture should be whitewashed and may be given a worn look to fit the style, and you may also add some stained items for a farmhouse look.


Shabby chic style requires cool decor, and some artworks, mirrors and cute pillows are right what you need. Go for ruffled textiles, polka dot and striped ones, for bows and imperfect finishes to give your space a worn yet very welcoming look. Enjoy!

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