48+ Awesome Pebble Garden Paths

48+ Awesome Pebble Garden Paths

Garden Design Ideas - Garden paths are important for garden decor, they help to create a mood. Stone paths are a great variant for a garden design close to nature, and pebbles are a fantastic idea! First of all, pebbles are easy to find, to handle and remind of sea. Second, it's very easy to make patterns of them, any that you like - from vignettes to snakes. The best idea is to put pebbles into concrete: the path would be stable and comfortable for walking. But if you like, you may just make some edges and just put pebbles on the earth, it would be unusual and great to walk along. Using pebbles for landscaping in your garden is a very natural idea that has several advantages comparing to other materials. Let's consider them all to find out if they fit your garden space or not.

Pros And Cons

Pebbles are durable, sustainable and ecological-friendly; stable for environmental activity; they have splendid decorative properties; are able to be used in different compositions along with boulders and organic mulch.

The disadvantage is that pebbles can be washed out during heavy rains; they are difficult to remove litter, dead leaves and weed, they can be taken away while walking on them and it's a bit harder to walk on pebbles than paved areas.

How To Install

Installing small rocks within your garden is not a problem: stones are relatively light weight and are sold by kilos in bags. Prepare the soil - dig a trench for your future rockery (5-10 cm), put black polypropylene, make a sand bedding and pour water on it. Then, when the sand is dry, you can scatter stones on your future rockery, leaving free spaces for plants. When the stones are installed, you can slightly press them against the ground with rubber sledgehammer. The only possible way to clean the pebbles is to sweep it with brush or to blow the litter and leaves out with the help of special garden equipment. But despite all those facts, pebbles are amazing for creating bold and catchy designs. Look for some ideas below and choose your pebble decor!

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Garden Decoration
Garden Design Ideas
a polished pebble path in grey is a chic idea that will match most of garden styles and decor-
a beautiful pebble garden path with white and black pebbles and star and floral patterns-
a colorful mosaic pebble garden path with yellow, red and green pebbles will accent your garden a lot-
a minimalist garden path made of neutral and white pebbles plus taupe bricks for lining up will give your garden a more formal feel-
a catchy garden path of neutral naturla stone and black pebbles in between the broken stones looks natural and very relaxed-
a bold black and white pebble garden path with a catchy pattern is a mosaic decoration-
a simple and casual pebble pathway will fit most of garden styles and decor ideas-
a fantastic pebble pathway done with a Moroccan pattern in yellow and burgundy looks very eye-catchy and bold-
a garden path made of pebbles and tiles mixed up is a relaxed and fresh idea with a rustic feel-
a bright pebble path with blue, white, burgundy and rust pebbles and swirl patterns-
a bright and catchy pebble pathway with tiles covered with burgundy, black and grey pebbles on top-
a pebble garden path done with patterns in mint green is a beautiful idea with a touch of color-
a very eye-catchy pebble garden pathway with muted pebbles and floral patterns all over is a real masterpiece-
a fantastic white, grey and blue pebbles with swirl patterns is a statement idea for decorating a garden-
a black and neutral pebble garden path with a floral pattern and lining will give a vitnage feel to your outdoor space-
an earthy tone pebble path that imitates amonites is a great idea to go for next to a water feature like a pond here-
a pebble garden path that reminds a snake with burgundy, grey and neutral pebbles looks very unusual-
a super bold and unique pebble garden path with a geometric and floral pattern in yellow, white and black-
such a decorative pebble and amonite path with sand is a great option for a beach garden-
a simple and natural white pebble pathway will fit many garden styles-
a unique garden path with grey pebbles placed vertically and horizontally creating a pattern-
a grey and neutral pebble gardne path with a geometric pattern is a stylish idea that will add a modern feel to the outdoor space-
a white, grey and ombre green pebble path with an eye-catchy pattern is a bold idea for a bright garden-
a black pebble garden pathway with a chaotical pattern is a creative and bold idea that makes statement both with color and pattern-
a pebble garden path with black and neutral pebbles with a swirl pattern and curves-
a colorful pebble garden path with mint green, rust, grey and black pebbles and catchy patterns-
a black pebble garden pathway done with chaotical pattern looks very relaxed and very chic-
a bold pebble garden path with pebbles of various shades and with a catchy pattern plus curved borders-
a gorgeous pebble pathway done with patterns in several colors - pink, blue and tan to add pattern and colro to your space-
a bold garden pathway with stones of various muted shades and pebbles that form swirl patterns-
a unique garden pathway with neutral pebbles and tiles covered with grey, blue and white pebbles that are designed in swirls-
a catchy and natural garden path of grey large scale pebbles and stone tiles on top-
a green, burgundy, rust and grey pebble pathway with several patterns and neutral lining up is a very bold idea with a boho feel-
a bold and catchy garden path with black, burgundy, neutral pebbles and geometric patterns-
a grey pebble garden path with a chaotical pattern and some stones incorporated is a cool natural idea-
a natural and relaxed garden pathway with broken stones and pebbles plus bright blooms and greenery around-
a simple black pebble garden pathway is a practical idea that highlights the greenery that lines it up-
a very catchy pebble garden path done with lots of sizes, shades and patterns looks very boho and relaxed-
a catchy pebble path in several colors and with daisies made of pebbles looks super cute and rustic-
a blue pebble pathway with a white cat is a fun idea to add a personalizing touch to your garden-
a very bold pebble garden pathway with black and white swirl patterns and even stars will make a statement-
a bright pebble pathway in burgundy, yellow, black and neutrals with catchy patterns looks boho and relaxed-
a bright pebble path in yellow, mint green and black with a catchy pattern and dark brick borders-
a catchy pebble garden path with neutral stone tiles, neutral pebbles and fern leaves done with black pebbles-
a small and tight pathway of grey pebbles with catchy and textural greenery next to it looks very cool and natural-
a very wild-looking garden path done with pebbles, large rocks and round tiles printed with leaves-
a black pebble garden path that contrasts the manicured lawn next to it and creates a bold and catchy look-
a black pebble with a neutral backdrop that highlights the color of the pebbles makign them stand out a lot-
an eye-catchy garden path done with large grey tiles and red, blue and white pebbles around them-
a monochromatic pebble garden path done with catchy floral-inspired patterns with black borders and white pebbles-
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