60+ Colorful Boho Chic Kitchen Designs

60+ Colorful Boho Chic Kitchen Designs

Contemporary Kitchen Design - Bohemian style means color! Color and patterns that sometimes interweave so that they remind works of art. A boho kitchen design is an extremely colorful, juicy and unusual space - as if you got into another world! How can you achieve such a look? Paint the walls with some bright color or colors, take unusual furniture - maybe vintage or shabby chic, create a colorful backsplash. Add plants and natural wood, maybe some Moroccan pieces like rugs or patterned tiles - this style combines with bohemian chic very well. Rustic and vintage styles also look very well with it, so don't hesitate to mix them. Below you'll find some pretty examples of boho chic kitchens, get inspired!

Bright Boho Kitchens

If you love bright colors, go for a fully colorful boho kitchen: go for colorful walls, colorful cabinets and tables and chairs. You may also add a colorful tile backsplash and floor to make the space very colorful. Mix up various prints and colors, don't be afraid to layer them to make the kitchen very bright and color-filled. To make your kitchen more boho-like, you may add potted greenery and blooms, jute rugs and layered textiles in bold colors and of course colorful porcelain.

Bright Touches In Boho Kitchens

How else to make your boho kitchen colorful? First of all, these can be colorful artworks and textiles - curtains, rugs, towels with lots of prints and colors. Second, go for bright porcelain, tableware and cookware to make it wow. Small details like these ones will fit any space, not only a boho one, and they can be easily swapped to make the kitchen look different. Add potted greenery and blooms to make the kitchen look more fresh and boho-like.

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Coloured Kitchen Tile Designs
bright printed textiles, a lamp and some touches of red to infuse this space with color-
colorful porcelain cookware is ideal to infuse your kitchen with color-
a colorful retro meets boho kitchen in bold red and yellow, a printed chair and lamp-
bright porcelain and textiles will make any neutral space colorful and fun-
a bright kitchen with colorful textiles, a macrame fruit holder and lots of potted greenery-
a bright tile backsplash and yellow cabinets plus some vintage furniture-
colorful porcelain and tableware is a bold idea for a boho chic kitchen-
a colorful boho kitchen with a bright orange wall, a mint fridge, grey cabinets with a wooden top and a printed tile backsplash-
a colorful mosaic tile backsplash, a wicker lampshade and wooden cabinets for a boho feel-
macrame lantern holders, a jute rug and wooden touches for a chic boho kitchen-
bright printed wallpaper, touches of hot red, porcelain and printed textiles-
bright textiles, porcelain, jars and tin pots for a bright and cool look-
green cabinets and a red table, vintage furniture and textiles for a bright retro-inspired space-
bright tiles forming a floral pattern add interest to this kitchen-
super bright porcelain, a colorful mirror and mismatching colorful stools for adding a boho chic feel-
potted plants and greenery and a boho chic rug plus wicker baskets for a boho chic kitchen-
bright and colorful porcelain and tableware is great for any kitchen to add color-
a minimalist meets boho chic kitchen with much concrete and touches of neon pink and yellow-
hot pink walls, textiles and a crystal chandelier for a boho meets vintage kitchen-
a colorful fluffy rug, a mosaic tile backsplash and some curtains for a boho feel-
green walls and cabinets, a colorful painted ceiling, bright chairs-
green walls, red cabinets, a checked black and white tile floor and backsplash-
a colorful boho Moroccan kitchen with a bright tile backsplash and a bold rug on the floor for a bright space-
brigth blue walls and Moroccan-style tiles plus bold porcelain for a boho space-
bright tins and porcelain, printed plates and textiles for a boho chic space-
painted chairs and bright butterflies on the wall add a dreamy touch to the space-
pink walls, a neon pink sideboard and purple cabinets will drive you crazy-
blue cabinets, a turquoise sideboard and colorful chairs, textiles and porcelain-
bright textiles and porcelain are right what you need to infuse your space with color and prints-
a bright tile backsplash is a cool idea to spruce up the space-
a burgundy and sunny yellow kitchen plus green countertops and fabric buntings-
red walls, a mustard bench and colorful artworks and textiles for a bright boho kitchen-
a neon pink chair and a red jar spruce up this boho meets industrial kitchen-
bright printed textiles and colorful countertops and shelves create a boho chic space-
a mosaic tile floor, a wooden chair and a Moroccan style white space divider for a boho chic look-
a boho meets vintage kitchen done in red, pink and yellow-
a bright teal kitchen with wooden uppers and a colorful fringe boho rug-
touches of bright green, colorful porcelain and lots of potted greenery and blooms-
an attic boho chic kitchen spruced up with touches of blue-
a bright orange kitchen with mustard walls, a tile backsplash and a printed fridge plus a printed curtain-
bright printed wallpaper gives a cool and bold touch to the space-
a colorful tile backsplash and an additional backsplash over the cooker-
a bright boho vintage kitchen with green cabinets and a beam, a colorful tile backsplash and a bright mosaic floor-
colorful artworks, a unique pillar, dark green chairs and printed rugs for a catchy look-
bright textiles and bright tiles refresh this kitchen making it catchier-
a bright green kitchen withwooden countertops and a colorful printed rug feels vintage-
painted blue walls, bright textiles and a hot red table-
a pink wall, a geometric tile backsplash, green cabinets and a colorful boho rug-
make your space bolder and catchier with a colorufl printed rug-
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