7 Coolest Bar and Liquor Cabinets that You Must Have at Home

7 Coolest Bar and Liquor Cabinets that You Must Have at Home

Bar Cabinet Ikea - If you want a stylish home bar, and don't want to waste your time creating one yourself, all you need is to choose a proper piece that fits your interior style and place it where you want. Today I'm sharing a bunch of the coolest-looking home bars that will make your interior more interesting and will turn having a drink into a luxurious experience. Let's get started!

Inspired by a 1920s industrial sphere, the Porthole Bar combines pipework, glass, metal, and mirror to dramatic effect. The style might be called glamorized steampunk, as the bar seamlessly marries industry and opulence. The bar is a dark round piece made of metal, and the gold detailing and legs make it refined and glam. To me it reminds of some unique submarine with glass doors and a glass wall. There are glass shelves inside and one shelf attached to the legs under the whole pod, so you can accommodate enough bottles and glasses.

Whether you're looking for a vanity or a bar, AMBIVALENZ might just have the answer with their latest piece, the SCHMINKTANK. The space saving, wall-mounted piece takes up very little room, yet it adds quite a bit of function to whatever room you place it in. The cabinet has a flat surface that pops down so you have a place to work, and it also has a mirror, storage, and lighting.

With curved, segmented panels of wood veneer, the Dime cabinet references the look of a spinning coin. Designed by Splinter Works, the domed, wall-mounted cabinet opens up to reveal a bar with spaces to hold bottles of wine or liquor, as well as shelves to hold barware. The panels fan out to close the cabinet, leaving the sleek American walnut veneer on the outside. On the inside, you'll notice the sycamore veneer creating a contrast to the darker walnut.

Have a look at this small bar cabinet in a wonderful Italian style that was designed by Andrea Lucatello. The piece is done in a Canaletto walnut which is clearly striking as the top most pieces. To the left and below is matt graphite painted wood, which can also come in a white. Inside the small bar cabinet, you can see the mirror lined walls and also a storage rack for glasses. Surprisingly, quite a few bottles can fit inside. One thing that be missing for some families is a locking mechanism should you worry about your kids getting into bottles and replacing them with water. Enjoy the metal work in the shape of the legs which again depart away from the norm and create a nice geometrical shape.

The high-end, handmade Linnk Kabinet, designed by New Zealand designer Ian Rouse, takes a bar cabinet to a whole new level with its solid craftsmanship. Made from American Ash, leather upholstery, and toughened glass paneling, the design makes it suitable to pull a stool up to or stand and prepare drinks. The cabinet is divided into two sides, one open section for display and another one with a drop down door that doubles as a prep surface.

Inspired by traditional Brazilian jewelry, the cabinet is made up of more than 1000 pieces that have been individually cut, lacquered and assembled by hand. The jagged bottom edge is based on necklaces that were originally are made by plumes from tropical birds, while each side has a different pattern so that the cabinet changes depending on the viewing angle. And the designer is famous - it's Leonardo Di Caprio!

Created in collaboration with Melbourne-based designer Rosanna Ceravolo, this bar cabinet’s geometric patterned facade gives it texture and subtle depth. With a solid wood base and roomy cabinets, it’s a storage piece and a work of art.

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