How to Make Your Entryway More Welcoming

How to Make Your Entryway More Welcoming

Entryway Decor Ideas - Your entryway is the first space your visitors see when they come in, and it should be welcoming and eye-catchy. Hint on the style of your home that they will see after, and make your entryway cozy to inspire the guests to come in. What are the easiest ways to make your entryway welcoming? Let's consider some of the simplest and don’t forget that if you take up a couple of ideas, all these elements should be in harmony with each other.

Use Bold Wallpaper

Use eye-catchy wallpaper for the walls of your entryway, interesting printed wallpaper walls have become a huge trend and using this idea for your entryway is a win-win one. geometric wallpaper will fit most decor styles, floral and botanical print wallpaper is a hot trend (especially realistic prints), arrow prints look boho. Add artworks, furniture and a mirror that fit in style and voila - your gorgeous space is done!

Add A Bench

Coat racks and shoe cabinets are a must for an entryway but if you have enough space, a cool bench is what you need. First of all, it's comfy for sitting and taking off or putting on your shoes or boots. Second, it may feature some storage space - inside or under it. Third, it will highlight the style of your entryway - glam, modern, boho, rustic or any other, just find a proper piece!

Hang Bold Artworks

A bold or oversized artwork will be a chic and cool statement for entryway decor, it can define the whole space. Find a proper piece for your style and colors, an oversized one or a whole combo of artworks. It may be your own photo from a holiday to remind you of that awesome time. Hang it over the bench or a console table if there's any, or just on the wall and voila - a stylish statement is ready!

Get A Unique Chandelier

Every space needs some light but if we take an entryway, it’s usually a small space that requires just one lamp or light. A unique chandelier or pendant lamp can be a nice idea for making a statement in the entryway. Choose a piece of a couple of pieces that fit your space - glam, modern, art deco, rustic or any other. Don't be excessive - just one statement lamp is enough for a small entryway.

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