24+ Cute IKEA Mammut Stools Ideas For Kids Rooms

24+ Cute IKEA Mammut Stools Ideas For Kids Rooms

Eco Friendly Kids Furniture - IKEA Mammut furniture is a bright collection made for children, and today I'd like to share some Mammut stool ideas – ways to use them at home and to renovate them a bit to match your space perfectly. It's made of plastic which makes it easy for children to carry and move and also perfect for outdoor use since it is made to withstand rain, sun, snow and dirt, a perfect children's item, ha?

How To Use

IKEA Mammut stools are perfect for kids’ spaces as I mentioned above but you may also use them in bathrooms, pet spaces, outdoors, in closets and in many other zones where you need a small step, storage or else. There are lots of colors available and you can find a match easily, and if not – just paint your stool as you want.

How To Hack

You can hack your Mammut in many ways! You may hack and personalize it a bit with some stickers, spray paints, stencils or make a cover. A cover can be with some Super Hero theme, cartoon theme or just a fur or knitted one to keep your kid warm and cozy. Enjoy the ideas below and have a look at Mammut DIY hacks here. Cover your stool with a pillow or a cushion to make it softer to sit on. Make a whimsy coverup shaped as a bird or an animal to make it fun for your kids. Cut out a hole in the stool and place a dog bowl inside to make it more comfortable to use. Cover the stool with faux fur to use it in the closet and add glam to it.

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a white IKEA Mammut stool with a drawn bunny face - you can also add ears if you want-
a bright neon IKEA Mammut stool with a colorful crochet coverup looks fun and bold-
a white table and white IKEA Mammut stools spruced up with bright mushroom-inspired pillows to look whimsy-
a white IKEA Mammut stool with an airplane cushion on top is a creative idea for a boy's room-
a colorful IKEA Mammut stool is a perfect furniture item for sitting and it will add a brigth and fun touch of color-
a white IKEA Mammut stool spruced up with a sheep-like pillow on top will look fun and cheerful-
cover colorful IKEA Mammut stools with bright pillows to make them bolder and more comfortable to sit on-
paint your IKEA Mammut stool to look like a mushroom - you don't need any covers when you can use some paint-
cover IKEA Mammut stools with a fur coverup and spruce up the legs with ribbons for a catchy and cozy look-
a white IKEA Mammut stool and bright plastic chairs for an art or play space for your kids-
white Mammut stools with bright pillows on top look like little mushrooms and your kids will be delighted to sit on-
a bright red IKEA Mammut chair will give a touch of color to your space and will make it bolder-
offer IKEA Mammut stools as chairs for a playspace or just a kid's room to try-
use a pink IKEA Mammut stool with a fur coverup to make your closet more glam and cute-
a white IKEA Mammut stool with a bold checked cover is a cool idea and this cover it easy to make or change-
an IKEA Mammut stool repurporsed as a dog bowl stand is a cool and simple idea to add a bit more comfort to your pets' space-
a fuchsia IKEA Mammut stool and a pink chair and table make this cool outdoor space very welcoming-
green and white IKEA Mammut stools with lady bug pillows on top for sitting comfortably on them-
pair an IKEA Mammut stool with a cool clear chair to make your minimal or modenr kids' space bolder-
a white IKEA Mammut stool topped with a colorful pillow is very comfortable to sit on-
bright neon green Mammut stools and a matching mini table spruced up with removable stickers from kids' favorite cartoons-
an IKEA Mammut stool totally transformed with a bright grey and green crochet cover that resembles an elephant-
a neon green table and a sunny yellow IKEA Mammut stool for a cheerful and fun kids' space-
dress up an IKEA Mammut stool with a bright crochet cover that imitates a flower for a bold look-
bright neon green IKEA Mammut stools will add a bold touch of color and brighten up the kids' space-
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